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FSO Calendar


St. Mary Family and School Organization (FSO)

2016-2017 Calendar of Events

Parents are encouraged to participate and volunteer for any of the FSO-sponsored events listed below.* Parents are also welcome to attend FSO meetings. If you would like more information on any of the events or how you can help, please contact the FSO at fso@stmarybg.org.

August 18th         Ice Cream Social—Volunteers Needed                  Lunch Room       11:15 a.m.

September 6th     FSO Kickoff Meeting                                               Lunch Room   7 p.m.

October 4th          FSO Monthly Meeting                                             Lunch Room   7 p.m.

October 28th        Movie Night—Volunteers Needed                          Activity Center   5:30 p.m.

November 8th      FSO Monthly Meeting                                             Lunch Room   7 p.m.

November 12th    Jingle Jubilee—Volunteers Needed  

December 1st      Christmas Bazaar—Volunteers Needed                Main Hall

December 6th      FSO Monthly Meeting                                            Lunch Room     7 p.m.

December 10th    Barnes & Noble Book Fair—Volunteers Needed   B&N Deer Park (Note new location)

December 14th    Sweet Table

December 15-16th Science Fair                                                         Activity Center

January 10th        FSO Monthly Meeting                                           Lunch Room   7 p.m.

January 14th         Trivia Night

January 29th        SMS Open House—Volunteers Needed               Activity Center   12-3 p.m.

February 3rd        Movie Night—Volunteers Needed                         Activity Center   5:30 p.m.

February 7th        FSO Monthly Meeting                                            Lunch Room   7 p.m.

February 25th      Daddy Daughter Dance                                         Activity Center 

March 7th            FSO Monthly Meeting                                            Lunch Room   7 p.m.

April 4th               FSO Monthly Meeting                                            Lunch Room   7 p.m.

May 2nd              FSO Monthly Meeting                                             Lunch Room     7 p.m.

May 12th             Movie Night—Volunteers Needed                          Activity Center   5:30 p.m.

May 2017            Spring Fundraiser—Details to follow!

June 5th              End of Year Picnic—Volunteers Needed               SMS Football Field

Don’t forget! The Virtual Backpack also has important FSO information. The FSO also sends out monthly e-newsletters full of information. Plus, you can check the FSO page on the school website at any time. Go to www.school.stmarybg.org and select “Family School Organization (FSO)” from the “Parents” drop down menu.

*Additional events will be added to the calendar.